Decoration Services

From the very first day, our goal has been making our clients feel happy and comfortable living at their homes. At the same time, we wanted them to be able to invite their guests with pride so for this reason we design every single detail in a striking and impressive way that will make them happy and enchant their guests. Our concept of recreating your home in one day, has become one of our most successful services.

Most of our customers do not need architectural services but they want to do changes to their homes. That is where we come in and change their houses in a day while thinking of every single detail starting from candles to flowers. While doing this, we use their existing furniture and accessories together with our own products. Sometimes a wallpaper or a painting, and sometimes a coffee table can be very effective in changing the whole atmosphere in your home.

In order to offer you this instant change, we have hundreds of products in stock, from carpets to paintings, from furniture to accessories.

We bring every type of product we think may be suitable to your home, try it on site and blend it with your existing products and furniture. We send you the product list and we kindly ask for you to decide on the products you want to buy from this list. After that we ask for you to note the products you want to make changes such as color and texture. We place new orders for the products you want to change, and return the ones you don't want.

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